May 27 2013

Wildlife! - Roxy Reboot Remixed

Swiss producer Wildlife! recently dropped his bass-heavy debut album highlighting the cross pollination of punk rock and reggae. Roxy Reboot—the title a reference to the legendary London club that was ground zero of the late 70‘s punk/reggae exchange— is released digitally and on limited edition gatefold vinyl. Wildlife! created electronic versions of reggae classics featuring the original veterans of London’s late 70’s punk scene, and punk covers by current Jamaican dancehall acts. LISTEN TO THE FULL ALBUM ON SOUNDCLOUD Tracklist:

01. Oh Bondage Up Yours (Ital Tek Remix)
02. Police Riddim (Optimum Remix)
03. No Future ft. Ward 21 (LuckyBeard & Digi G'Alession Remix)
04. Armagideon Times (Sam Tiba Remix)
05. Should I Stay Or Should I Go ft. Natalie Storm (Schlachthofbronx Remix)
06. Kingdom Rise, Kingdom Fall (Poirier Remix)
07. Pissheadsville (XXXXX Remix)
08. Night Nurse (Radiorifle Remix)

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