October 13 2007



With every week a new t-shirt brand popping up, branding and brand recognition become more and more important. We come across so much stuff, it is hard to follow. Then there are a few out there, that manage to create their own following, usually due to a mix of good design, quality and also lifestyle. Rockers NYC is one of those brands. We arrived at a point where you can not only recognize their collection by their designs, but already the colors will tell you that it comes from them. That is definitely something special and something that has to be recognized.

Here we present you the Rockers NYC Fall/Winter 2007 Delivery 1, which consists of t-shirts. Strong designs, strong messages – just like we are used from them. The second delivery will be coming in a couple of weeks including Japanese made cut & sew – cardigans, hoodies, crewneck sweaters, raglan crews, jackets, cut & sew t-shirts and also denim. Now, that’s definitely something to look out for. Stay tuned, as we will report about that shortly.