November 10 2009

RockersNYC presents: ASTRO MENTAL.

Thank god for Rockers NYC! In a time where plaid shirts and non-confrontational colour palettes are de rigueur, the veteran streetwear label brings us a much-needed hit of rainbow bright schemes and Run DMC-like themes.


Turning their back on the formulaic fads of fashion, Rockers NYC drop their latest fall/winter collection, dubbed “Methods of Droppin Mental.” What we get is a menagerie of ‘80s inspired print tees, cut off vest jackets and denim delights that could only come from the rawkus minds of the Rocksters.

Add to that a collab with the ever-fabulous Cassette Playa brand, this collection is perhaps one of the most cohesive and fashion-forward drops of the season.
It was only a matter of time before brands started to turn their nose up to the grandpa/fixie styles that are ruling our streets at present, and the Rockers have never been a crew to shy away from their fishbone/punk-rock roots. Sure we get the requisite use of black, but its when the brand branches out of their comfort zone to create a kaleidoscope of kooky designs that we get an idea of just how hard they are flipping the bird at the current state of streetwear.
And ladies, never fear, if you don’t want to rock your tees on the baggy tip, then just a quick hit over to the Rockers NYC online store will sort you out, with a limited line of women’s apparel available.